How do you know if you need copywriting or content writing? Copywriting is typically used when you want the person reading your ad or copy to take some type of action. Think about landing pages, social media ads, digital banner ads, traditional media ads, sales emails, and website sales pages. You’re looking for a copywriter if you need someone to write compelling copy that produces conversions and sales. 

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Content writing and marketing, on the other hand, is used to engage, educate, or entertain. Examples include blog posts, news articles, case studies, social media posts, email newsletters, and white papers. These can be either short form (like a Facebook post) or long form (white papers). You’re looking for a content writer if you need any of the above projects for your product or service.

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If you already have written copy, either in-house or from another freelancer, and just need editing or proofreading work, I provide those services as well. I can provide editing for any of the above projects, as well as nonfiction or fiction work (typically, these will require copyediting and proofreading).

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From my many years in the nonprofit sector, I know that raising funds is one of the most important roles in order to carry out your mission and serve your community. I have experience in writing grants from simple $500 asks up to $150,000+. While I have primarily worked in the arts nonprofit sector, let’s discuss your needs to see if I can help get your organization some much-needed funding. 

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Other Services

Because I have a wide breadth of experience, I also can provide the following services to your business or organization:

• Interim Arts Marketing roles
• Light Design work – brochures, ads, graphics, etc.
• Marketing plans and media buying

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